• Competitive Pricing

    For just $9199 per unit, you not only secure the cost of the miner but also cover shipping to the hosting facility. This all-inclusive pricing approach ensures transparency and simplicity, making the hosting a cost-effective and straightforward choice for your mining needs.

  • Cost-Effective Electricity

    With an electricity cost of $0.08/kWh, we provide an energy-efficient solution that not only contributes to the overall reliability of the hosting but also helps you manage operating expenses effectively. Our commitment to stability and efficiency makes ICERIVER a trustworthy partner for your hosting needs.

  • Straightforward Setup Process

    We understand that time is crucial in the rapidly evolving landscape of hosting and cryptocurrency mining. That's why ICERIVER offers a straightforward setup process with a minimal $20 setup fee. The simplicity of our setup process sets us apart and ensures a quick start for your mining endeavors.