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Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro ETC ETHW ETHF Miner

Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro ETC ETHW ETHF Miner

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Hashrate: 3680Mh  Consumption: 2200W 
Size: 520*195*290mm Weight: 23.00Kg
Noise: 75db PSU: Included
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  • Ethereum Classic

About Antminer E9 Pro

Bitmain has engineered a miner specifically designed to efficiently mine Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. The miner comes equipped to handle two different algorithms, namely, Ethash and Etchash. Given the lucrative nature of numerous alternative cryptocurrencies, especially in the wake of the Ethereum Merge, the miner's capabilities are noteworthy. Among the variety of currently circulating currencies, mining Ethereum Classic and Ethereum POW emerge as some of the most profitable options. Users can switch between Ethash and Etchash algorithms by updating the firmware available on the Bitmain Website.

Efficiency of the Antminer E9 Pro

The E9 Pro 3.68 from Bitmain impresses with its commendable efficiency rating of 0.598 J/Gh. Such high efficiency expedites the process of solving blocks. With a maximum power intake of 2200 watts, the miner delivers substantial mining power to effectively tackle these blocks, thus having a competitive edge over other miners in the network.

However, it's important to remember that high power consumption equates to daily electricity expenses. Yet, the efficiency of the E9 Pro 3.68Gh Bitmain miner makes certain that the daily electricity expenditure stays within a range of $3 to $6.

Detailed Overview

For optimal miner performance, it's vital to comply with the manufacturer's instructions related to humidity and temperature. Overheating the miner can lead to decreased lifespan and efficiency.

Noise management is also crucial, especially for home-based mining, as the miner can generate a significant amount of noise. Its noise level peaks at 75 decibels, which can potentially disturb domestic comfort.

Although the miner can operate at 110v on a separate breaker, it is highly recommended to use a 240v supply for best results!


MODEL E9 Pro (3680Mh)
SIZE 520×195×290mm
POWER 2200±5%W
HASHRATE 3680±3%Mh/s