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Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Kit C6

Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Kit C6

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  • Quiet & Energy saving

  • Stable running & Overclocking

  • ONE investment, DOUBLE returns

  • Completely redesigned, more than 30 details

  • Effortless Deployment and Independence

    • Streamlined design that eliminates the need for secondary heat exchange methods, relying solely on oil circulation.

    • A convenient all-in-one configuration, combining a single tank with a dry cooler, requiring only the installation of tubing and wiring.
  • Intelligent, Self-Adjusting Operation

    • Equipped with built-in EC motors that automatically adapt fan speed in response to changes in ambient temperature,ensuring optimal energy efficiency.
  • Advanced Cooling Capabilities

    • Exceptional cooling performance: 21kW @ 38℃, 24kW @ 35℃, and 28kW @ 33℃.

    • Incorporates a standard water mist for enhanced heat dissipation, maintaining efficiency even in environments as hot as 42℃.
  • Effortless Remote Management

    • Take control of tank temperature, remotely initiate restarts and more, all through the FOG HASHING SAAS platform.

C6 Specification